General Questions

  • Do you do Requests or Art Trades?
    • Generally no, sorry! I sometimes do Art Trades with mutuals but I tend not to because I’m usually strapped for time, and there have been several instances where I’ve drawn my half of an art trade to never get one back.
    • If you follow my twitter though, sometimes (once in a blue moon) I’ll ask for my followers to post pictures of their OCs to doodle.
  • How long have you been drawing?
    • I’ve always liked making things with my own hands, but I only started doing digital art in 2006 and didn’t even get my first tablet until 2007.
  • Where did you go to school?
    • I’m entirely self-taught. Everything I know came from years of combing through the internet for tutorials, references, tips, and any kind of advice that might benefit my artistic eye. I owe a lot to my peers, and every other artist out there who took the time to make any sort of helpful infographic.
    • Probably, my greatest teachers were streamers! I used to spend a lot of time watching people draw live and asking them questions about their process.


  • Can I use your art as my wallpaper/icon?
    • Yes, please feel free! All I ask is that you link back to either my website (kalce.net) or the appropriate social media you’re using it on. If there is nowhere to link back to me, please refrain from using my artwork.
    • Twitter: @Kalcedonyx
      Tumblr: @Kalce
      Instagram: @Kalce
      Facebook: Kalcedonyx
    • However, please refrain from using my commissioned work. I do not feel comfortable with people using art with a client’s character in it.

Art Advice

  • Do you draw everyday?
    • Definitely not! Although because this is also my job, there are times where I draw everyday for a week or two, depending on what projects I’m working on.
    • Outside of commissions/work, I tend to draw only when I feel inspired. In my personal opinion, I’m less likely to get art blocked if I remove the stress of forcing myself to draw.
  • Can you teach me how to draw?
    • I can certainly try! I may not be a master artist or anything, but I can try my best to help beginners and intermediate level artists with a few things.

Tools of the trade

  • What programs do you use?
    • Majority of the time, I use Clip Studio Paint (CSP) on my PC. When drawing on my ipad, I use Procreate.
  • What kind of PC do you have?
    • I built my own gaming PC. It’s cheaper in the long run, since I swap parts out over time rather than pay an exorbitant amount for fully built (custom?) rigs. (this serves a dual purpose as I love gaming and the power helps me draw with large canvases)
      – Intel i5-4690k (3.50 GHz)
      – 16 gb RAM
      – Nvidia 1070 graphics card
  • Do you use a drawing tablet? Which would you recommend?
    • Yes! I’ve been using wacom intuos tablets for years. I’m currently using theĀ Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid. There are many alternatives to wacom these days, and while I only have firsthand experience with wacom and the ipad pro, I’ve seen many artists make great use of Huion, XP-pen, Surface Pro and more. A quick google search would better help you find the perfect screen tablet that fits your needs and budget!
  • Fusce in justo in tellus cursus maximus?
    • drgdgegr

Non-art Related

  • What games do you usually play?
    • These days I’m almost always playing multiplayer games with my bf! Here are some games that we play pretty regularly:
    • – Final Fantasy XIV
      – Warframe
      – Monster Hunter World